The first post.

Who we are, my family and I, and why I’m starting this blog.


This post is long overdue. I felt overwhelmed by the concept of writing my first ever blogpost. First. Ever. It just seemed too much. But now this blog has been here, empty, for weeks. So I’m taking the plunge!

There are two things I want to bring up here, in this very first post: Who we are, my family and I, and why I’m starting this blog. So, here goes:

I am a mama of three beautiful boys. My husband and I met 10 years ago when we were young, na├»ve, teacher students who thought education is the way to change the world. Now we are not so sure, at least not about compulsory schooling. My husband works as a teacher with special needs children while I never tried the profession because I was pregnant with our twins by the last term. Since they were born, I’ve been a stay at home mom, and at the moment I also study full time (distance learning). The twins are almost six now, and their little brother is two and a half. We live in the countryside and also have chickens, rabbits, cats, and a pig.

Ever since the kids came a long they have helped me challenge so many things I held to be true. Above all, they have opened my eyes to the many faults of the common assumptions about schooling (such as: schooling equals learning, children must be taught certain things or they will not learn them, and children cannot be trusted when left to their own devices). Their incredible curiosity and joy in finding out about the world amazed me, and at the same time I was terrifies. I couldn’t help but wonder what happens to this curiosity when children start school. I started reading John Holt and then there was really no looking back. I just knew in my heart that homeschooling would we the right path for us, and to my big surprise my husband was on board with the idea. His experiences of working in schools have made him quite disillusioned.

So, why don’t we just homeschool then? Apart from the fact that we worry about how to be able to afford it, there is an even bigger issue: in the country we live in, homeschooling is illegal. Schooling is mandatory and no exceptions are made. Currently, we have one year left until the compulsory schooling law starts applying to our twins. We are trying to figure out what to do, but there are some tough choices facing us. Around here, most people seem to believe that homeschooling is a bad idea. This is part of why I want to keep the blog anonymous. And also to protect the identities of my children who may not wish to have their lives exposed on the world wide web.

We don’t know a single soul who has homeschooled. The main reason for me writing this blog is to connect with people who homeschool (and also to chronicle my children’s everyday learning). I’m looking for support and community, and I hope this blog will be a way to connect. Please say hi if you stop by here, and tell me about your journey to homeschooling.

Phew. I did it!